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For Sale: Beach Sand (Cigarette Butts Not Included)

by on Nov 10, 2006

What has the world come to? We’re buying sand for five dollars a pound. Sure, it’s clean and we don’t have to brush it out from between our toes, but it’s still just sand. This being said, I’m happy to announce, in the world of home decor, sand has become passe! Hooray!

 "Three Candles lighted and placed on a plate"

Fall Freebie

This fall, instead of using beach grit as a foundation to your candlescapes and hurricanes, how about giving acorns a try? All you have to do is find an obliging oak tree and have at it. You’ll want to look for whole acorns, but don’t worry if some of their little caps (technically called “cups”) have fallen off by the time you get them home, they’ll still look great. Also, try to find unblemished acorns; otherwise, your collection my hatch a creep-crawly or two.

Fruitful Winter

For your winter holiday parties, position your candles into a base of fresh cranberries, which are plentiful–and inexpensive–this time of year.

An alternative to cranberries, try dried rose hips, which are the fruit of the rose after the flowers petals have dropped. These dried fruits provide festive red color but are longer lasting than berries. Check out to find dried rose hips for only $3.45 a pound.

Bonus hint: Note the heirloom pedestal cake plate in the picture. You can use any decorative plate for your candlescapes. Don’t let those Pier 1 employees tell you otheThree white candles with light is decorated in a glass bowl.rwise!

Spring Fever

When spring fever sets in, choose a bed of pastel jelly beans. (The Easter speckled egg variety are great.) They will also emit a sweet candy smell. But keep this in mind when picking your candles for your scape as you wouldn’t want your beans to clash with your pillars.

Summer Seeds

When summer rolls around, provide a base of bird seed for your candles to nest in…

and leave the sand at the beach!