Mickey's Favorite Nephew


Mickey's Favorite Nephew

My six week Intensive How-to-Sew class has just finished up.  Six lovely ladies joined me in my studio for six, then seven, and then eight sessions of a basic how-to sew class.  I taught them how to make a basic pair of jammies consisting of pants and a top. After three weeks of jammies, we discussed costumes and started to work on the custom costumes for their little trick or treaters.  This picture of "Drew Mouse" is my nephew.

The other five included a baby lamb, a sock monkey, a dalmation, a cow and a purple bunny.  Every one of the moms learned how to sew their own custom costumes for their kids and then we really took them over the top with monograms, tails, satin trim, hats with ears.  My point is that none of these women knew how to sew and they finished up feeling so great about creating their OWN kid's costume.  Buying it at a store vs. making it yourself---NO comparison!  I thought it was over but now they want a week's break and then on to Christmas tree skirts and stockings.  Also, I got invited to a Halloween party tomorrow to see them all in their costumes.

(The only thing his mom didn't make were the tights--Target.

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