Top 10 Reasons Why White Kitchens Rock

Top 10 Reasons Why White Kitchens Rock

1. White kitchens have mass appeal, which might be especially important to homeowners thinking of selling.


2.They’re bright and easy to pair up with colorful accents.

3. They make a great backdrop to collections; think art gallery here.

4. White makes appliances disappear; your other alternative to hidden appliances is covering them in expensive wood panels that match your cabinetry.

5. White appliances are cheaper than colored ones so you can use up your budget elsewhere.

6. They play tricks with space, making even tiny kitchens look larger.

7. White cabinets are easy to update with new hardware.

8. White kitchens are classic; they never become terribly dated...unlike harvest gold, for a tragic example.

9. White feels natural, especially when it’s paired up with natural materials like cork, bamboo and wicker and such.

10. And finally, white kitchens are a blank pallette and are easily adapted to many interior styles.

For a more in-depth look at 10 reasons why white kitchens rock, go to BHG.com.

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N.K. on Mar 02, 2010:

I absolutely adore white kitchens! So clean and fresh looking.

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