Make LEGO Cakes!

Make LEGO Cakes!

Everybody’s favorite woman in an apron, Betty Crocker, has a tutorial for making these darling LEGO cakes. The Crock’s super-easy technique starts with a box cake-mix, of course. And those round nubby things on top? They’re large marshmallows that have been cut in half!

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JHRivers on Nov 18, 2007:

That is such a cute idea! and easier than it looks! thanks for posting.

Kittybot_x on Oct 28, 2007:

I love these! Thanks for posting it :D

DIY Maven on Oct 18, 2007:

And easy too! Gotta love that.

matanuskagirl on Oct 18, 2007:


I will definitely use this in the future.  

Tippy on Oct 17, 2007:

These are SO cute!!! 

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