How to Make Candy Corn 'Fondant' Decorations

How to Make Candy Corn 'Fondant' Decorations

Have you heard the Curbly’s Candy Corn Challenge cut-off has been extended to October 29th?? In my continued effort to rally interest in this fabulous and profitable competition, I set my thinking cap straight and got to work fashioning something fashionable out of that quintessential Halloween confection. (Also, I didn’t want to be labeled ‘all talk and no action’ on the candy corn crafting front.) Anyway, here’s my idea for candy corn ‘fondant’ decorations!

What you need:

Candy Corn, of course!

Wax paper

One or more small cookie cutters

A rolling pin or some similarly rolling substitute

What you do:

First, break up 3 or 4 pieces of candy corn.

Next, roll the pieces into a sort of ball-shape. The warmth of your hot little hands will make the pieces become slightly soft and perfect for rolling, which is what we do next.


Then, put the candy corn ball between two pieces of wax paper and roll flat with the rolling pin.

When your corn is sufficiently flattened to about 1/8th of an inch or so, GENTLY peal the wax paper FROM the corn splotch. It should look something like this when you’re done.

Using the cookie cutter, cut out your shape from the colorful blob. I found it’s easier to actually push the blob INTO the cutter rather than push the cutter into the blob–like you’d do if you were making cut-out cookies.

Next, pick out the corny bits from the corners of your cutter. (Have I mentioned how much I love alliteration?)

Finally, push out your corn form from your cookie cutter.

And Oh Canada...a sweet little thing to decorate other sweet little things–such as cakes and cupcakes.

Now let’s get cracking on the candy corn Curbliers and win, win, win!!




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DIY Maven on Oct 20, 2007:

Thanks anjelicat! I found this easy recipe for vanilla buttercream frosting on Martha's site that is to DIE FOR--if you're interested. It was fabulous on the vanilla cupcakes I made last week.

anjelicat on Oct 19, 2007:

those are so brilliant!
i'll definitely be using this idea for my thanksgiving cupcakes.
p.s. i say FON-dent as well.

DIY Maven on Oct 17, 2007:

Oops. I guess it didn't help that fond and daunt are, you know, real words. My bad. Anyhoo...I think, technically, it's FON-dent.

And thanks Inkie!

Inkie1101 on Oct 16, 2007:

very cool :o)

Chris Gardner on Oct 16, 2007:

I'm not being funny... Half the people say FOND-ent, with the accent on the first syllable, and half say fon-DAUNT, stressing the second. I was curious how you choose.

DIY Maven on Oct 16, 2007:

Hey Diva...thanks, but anyone can make these things. Much easier than real fondant, which can be a bit tricky--not to mention sticky. I made some just last week. Talk about making a mess in the kitchen!! I think my cat had powdered sugar in her hair.

Chris...are you trying to be funny again? I'm fond of your comments, but sometimes I 'daunt' understand them.

thedecoratingdiva on Oct 16, 2007:

Wow, your're really good. I'm a mess in the kitchen. I can cook (the whole survival thing: need to eat...) but that's the extent of my culinary skills. Nothing pretty just okay to look at and edible :)


Chris Gardner on Oct 16, 2007:

Are those FOND-ent or fon-DAUNT decorations?

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