Candy Corn Inspiration...From Nature

Candy Corn Inspiration...From Nature

Okay, so candy maker Brach’s gets their candy corn to get those funky colors by using various numbered dyes including yellows # 6 and 5, red # 3 and just to confuse those of us who read labels, blue #1. But just because these hues are as fake as the blue of Paris Hilton’s eyes, doesn’t mean we can’t find the oh-so-Halloween-y color combo in nature. Case in point: the Snapdragon Candy Corn. Described as smelling of cinnamon and spice, the snazzy snappers can be sown by seed and bloom to early spring to early summer. For more information, visit Park Seed and Co.

And don’t forget, Curbly’s Candy Corn Challenge ends on Oct 11th!!

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