How to Make Magnet Photo Corners

How to Make Magnet Photo Corners

I’ve proclaimed my refrigerator door a ‘pictures only’ area. I wanted a quick, easy and cheap way to make a collage of them. Here's what I came up with.  

What you need.

Photo corners (I bought 250 corners for 4 bucks, which I had on hand from another project.)

A sheet of magnet (this is also a great way to recycle those magnetic calendars and business cards you get in the mail.

A scissors

What you do.

It probably goes without saying, but you stick your photo corners on the magnet strip and then cut them out.

Slip them onto the photos you want to display. What I particularly like about the photo corners is they give a ‘frame’ to the pictures. Also, you can change up the pics in about a second.

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