Easy Window Repairs.

When I was in 5th grade, I spent a weekend at a monastery with some Confimation classes from other area churches. There was a young lady from another church that was four years older than I was, and completely in love with me. She had very white teeth, and wore way too much perfume...sometimes I catch the same scent walking by a random woman, and I feel eleven again.

On Saturday afternoon, during a break, she managed to punch her hand through a window...on accident, of course, not out of despair.

Since then, windows and glass have terrified me...but apparently, my fears are unwarranted, as window-related projects are apparently totally DIY-friendly.

Easy Window Repairs.

 It's a Home Run, Right through your window : Wise living Journal (also, photo cred)

How to replace a broken window pane : essortment.com 

How to fix broken glass in a window : ehow.com 

How to repair windows: tips and guidelines : howstuffworks.com 



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