Is the Bag-E-Wash a good idea?

Is the Bag-E-Wash a good idea?

At first glance, the Bag-E-Wash seems like a great idea. Basically, it’s a nylon dishwasher accessory that holds open used plastic bags as a means to wash, dry and, of course, reuse them. The Bag-E-Wash website says that if you reuse one box of 30 gallon-sized bags 50 times each, you’ll save $150 bucks and keep 1,500 bags out of landfills. Sounds good, huh? However, the apparatus looks like it takes up a lot of room in the dishwasher, which would translate to more loads cleaned, which would translate to more water and energy usage, which would translate to waste and expense. Yes? No?

If you really want to use plastic bags in an eco-friendly way, it might be a better idea to wash them by hand and use Bag-E-Wash’s drying rack. Or, better yet, DIY your own drying rack with a scrap piece of wood and some dowels.

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