25 Fake Plants with Real Potential (Put These in Your House... Seriously!)

25 Fake Plants with Real Potential (Put These in Your House... Seriously!)
Photo: Urban Outfitters

I'd love to be a plant lady (I hear this is the new cat lady!) but there's one problem...I can't seem to keep my plants alive. No matter how hard I try, I was not blessed with the gift of a green thumb. Instead, my house is filled with fake plants so that I can enjoy the greenery without the constant fear of killing them. I also have cats, and it's difficult to find plants that are nontoxic to pets, and they generally leave the fake plants alone. Fake plants can be really beautiful, so I've rounded up a variety of fake plants with the potential to make your home look like it's part of the outdoors! 

 1. This faux plant is easy to shape and customize to your desired liking because of the wire leaves. (above)

Photo: West Elm

2. Snake plants are harmful to cats and dogs, but they sell fake snake plants that look just like the real thing! This one's on sale right now! 

Photo: CB2

3. The extra large leaves of this taro plant will make it stand out in a corner of your home. 

Photo:  Wayfair

4. Want a fig tree but worried about the maintenance? Luckily this faux fig tree doesn't need any watering. 

Photo: Target

5. This small artificial plant comes with a stylish black pot with a gold accent. 

Photo: AmyHomie on Amazon

6. Go little! Add mini potted succulents to shelves and small spaces.

Photo: hayneedle.com

7. A topiary plant like this double boxwood ball style can be the perfect way to decorate your porch without having to worry about maintenance. 

Photo:  Wayfair

8. Make your home feel more tropical with a faux hammock palm tree!


9. An aloe plant is the perfect faux succulent plant to add a pop of greenery to any room.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

10. Add a funny decorative little planter to a shelf in the form of this faux succulent inside of a T-rex planter.

Photo: Pottery Barn

11. These delicate air plants certainly don't look fake, but they'll last forever!

Photo: Target

12. This artificial fern plant is the perfect sized plant for any space of your home. 

Photo: Crate & Barrel

13. A faux banana tree like this one looks gorgeous in a large decorative pot!

Photo: West Elm

14. A faux crane flower plant will add instant drama and vibrant green color to a room. 

Photo: KissDate on Amazon 

15. Artificial vines are great for decorating indoors and outdoors, especially when you want to cover up certain unsightly spaces. 

Photo: Target

16. A faux dieffenbachia plant is a simple plant that won't attract too much attention. 

Photo:  Wayfair

17. Hang a set of these faux ferns in stylish baskets to add interest to a corner of your home. 

Photo: Urban Outfitters

18. Even one extra large monstera leaf can make a big statement when placed in a beautiful vase.

Photo: Pottery Barn

19. A faux potted lemon tree adds color as well as a freshness to your home perfect for the spring and summer seasons. 

Photo: hayneedle.com

20. Since bougainvillea adds a pop of pink to a space, why not bring it indoors with a faux bougainvillea hanging plant?

Photo: World Market

21. Enjoy the look of cacti without the fear of being poked by their spikes! This beautiful faux cactus is pain-free. 

Photo: West Elm

22. This potted trailing succulent looks gorgeous overflowing from its pot on a shelf. 

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

23. The long, wispy foliage from a fake spider plant will brighten up any empty corner. 

Photo: Heart to Heart on Amazon

24. Enjoy a little extra color on your table with an arrangement of faux lavender.

Photo: Pottery Barn

25. A lush burdock plant is a great addition to any area of any room. 

Any of these plants would be the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoors spaces, especially when you're concerned about watering or pets! 

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Charlie E. on Apr 06, 2018:

No. Just, no.
Faux plants are just dust catchers, and do nothing to improve the air quality of your home. And studies have shown that there are positive benefits from caring for a living plant.

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