My New Favorite Furniture Paint

My New Favorite Furniture Paint

I’ve used Rust-Oleum’s American Accents many times with good results. So, when I needed paint for my corner cabinet make over, I went to my old standby. But my familiar friend had gone through a make over of its own. Now my go-to satin finish was called ‘smooth satin finish’. A marketing ploy, I assumed. I assumed wrong. The manufacturer has thinned the formula, which makes for a very smooth finish; perfect for furniture applications. Of course, you’ll still want to sand with 220 grit between coats to get the best results.

The downside of using Rust-Oleum’s American Accents is the limited color choice–19 colors are available in ½ pints and 17 in quart size, however, the stock colors make for a very reasonably priced paint: about $7.75 for a quart and $3.75 for a pint. And if you can’t find the color of your dreams, you could always buy a couple of pints and mix your own custom colors. If attempting this, you might want to make a poor man’s mixer using an old plastic milk jug to blend the colors.

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