Wall paint for bedroom with gray carpet?

We are finally moving into a lovely apartment with institutional white walls and standard grey (bleh) carpeting in most of the space.  Since I need to buy bedroom furniture quickly, I'm starting with the bedroom.  

We've gotten the ok to paint the walls-just nothing terribly dark.  Also the bedroom is not enormous so it would be swallowed by a dark color. 

I've been considering a blue/grey that almost matches the carpet so I can be playful with furniture and accents.  For bedroom furniture, I'm considering either a brown/black bedframe with headboard or going light with a brushed silver wrought iron frame.  So I guess the biggest question is do I match the grey and then be playful with the rest of the room, or go a little more bold with the walls?

I'm open to either suggestions, images in either direction!  Oh and I apologize for the photo angle!



Wall paint for bedroom with gray carpet?

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Anonymous on Sep 19, 2009:

THis post was from 2007. We're all set! Thank you.  No depressing room to be found.

gloostickdesign on Sep 06, 2007:

Oh that's so smart, Chris!  I knew people would say that I needed to start with something that I love rather than working with the carpet that I hate.  I'll probably end up laying an area rug down that will cover most of it, but bedding is the best way to start.

Any suggestions for unique modern or ethnic bedding (other than Jonathan Adler, Dwell, Marimekko, West Elm, Pottery Barn)?


Chris Gardner on Sep 06, 2007:

If your photo is correcly conveys colors, its important to note that your gray is more of a "warm" gray (i.e. brownish) than a cool gray (like purplish). This means that if you choose a cool color scheme -blues and greens- then the carpet will seem more brown. If you do red and oranges and rich brown, the carpet will seem more of a cool color.

Personally, I'd find bed clothes that you absolutely love, and let them determine you wall color. If they're multicolored, look for the second or third most represented color, and try that on the walls.


gloostickdesign on Sep 06, 2007:

I like the blues but I'm leaving an apartment that used all blues so I was trying for something different (I do like that Sapphireberry color though!) I just uploaded a photo to the post (sorry it's a little crooked) but you'll get the idea.  Everything will be new (no artwork etc.) so I can go anywhere with this as long as the color is not too dark (as per the landlord's request).

I'm looking to spend 1-2K on the entire room (including a new mattress as we have a loft bed now).


DIY Maven on Sep 06, 2007:

Having gray walls will accentuate your carpeting, which--it sounds like--you don't care for. I'd go with your instincts and lean toward blue. Maybe something watery/sea-side-y. Then, on your accents, you could go tone-on-tone. For this kind of thing, I'd find a paint color in the middle to lighter tones of a paint strip for the walls, and then use the deep tones on the same strip to find the accents. So, for example, let's say you pick something like Sapphireberry--a Benjamin Moore color--then you could accent it with any of those darker hues--like Blueberry or Down Pour Blue.

Lorie09 on Sep 06, 2007:

I don't have any images for you but if you paint the walls gray and buy a silver wrought iron bed it will disappear in the wall and you won't even see it.  I think having a gray floor and gray walls will be depressing.  You say you want to be playful with the rest of the room but your playfulness goes as far as an invisible wrought iron bed or your standard black/brown bedframe.  How is this playful?  I think you should find a pillow or curtains or something will color and pattern that you like and pull colors from there.  I'd be happy to help, I just don't know what you like or your budget.  Is there a pillow or a piece of art that you have or like that I can draw from?

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