Convert A Tripod Into A Floor Lamp

Convert A Tripod Into A Floor Lamp

If you come across an old tripod at a tag sale, buy it. They make fabulous floor lamps! Converting one doesn’t even need a how-to; just a lamp kit and a shade. My entire project cost about 25-30 bucks when all was said and done.




Timber Tripod Floor Lamp

Not up for a DIY version of this? Here's one we like a lot that you can combine with any lampshare you like:

$89 on Amazon




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DIY Maven on Jul 01, 2011:

gertie--fingers crossed! ;)

The Old Block House on Jun 30, 2011:

Love this idea and have been wanting to try it.  A yardsale had a sprinkler tripod for $5 today, so it'll be my first lamp project.  Cross your fingers for me,  please.


gertie @ www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

Jonathan on Jun 02, 2011:

Great job on this! I've made a few of my own custom tripod lamps as well. Check them out on etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeLights?ref=seller_info

DIY Maven on Aug 04, 2009:

You're welcome, gFunk! PB was my inspiration. 

gFunk on Aug 03, 2009:

thanks for this DIY project. now i don't have to spend $200 at pottery barn.

DIY Maven on Jun 02, 2008:

You can find inexpensive lamp kits (basically just a socket with a cord attached!) in the lighting department of just about any big box or hardware store.

panzacat on May 31, 2008:

Love the idea of the tripod lamp! Been looking for one for ages! But where do you buy lamp kits from?

bakelite on Mar 13, 2008:

Thanks for the idea I now have one of my Phones on a tripod and it looks fantastic. Cheers

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