How to make your own ‘Ambilight’ television.

Phillips 47PFL7432D/37

Have you seen those advertisements for Phillips’ Ambilight plasma televisions? Although it’s probably just a gimmick, I was intrigued by the idea. Lit from behind my LCD’s screen wouldn’t be compromised by glare, and it would add needed light/drama to the room. I found something at my local big box store called Auralites, which are manufactured for under-shelf accent lighting applications. They, however, were just the thing I was looking for.


I applied the included mounting tape to the back of the strips and fixed one to each of my speaker brackets.


I plugged both Auralites into a short multi-plug extension cord, which I then plugged into my switched outlet in the receiver. So, now when I turn on the receiver, the back lights come on too.

I bought two 10" 7.5 watt strips on closeout for $7.99 each but found them at this website for $17.99 each. They’re also available in 20" 15 watt varieties for $24.99. The manufacturer, Aura Lamp & Lighting, Inc., doesn’t seem to have a website but can be reached at 1-800-255-3662.


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xiaan on Oct 07, 2007:

I achieved a similar effect by wrapping a white rope light purchased at Home Depot for $12 around the mounting bracket that holds our LCD to the wall. A dimmer to adjust the light level completed this 5 minute project.

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