It’s a HummZinger!

It’s a HummZinger!

For us, hummingbirds were sort of a suburban myth: we were told they were in the area, but never saw one. As we wanted proof of their existence, a bit of investigation into hummingbird feeders was conducted. After a thorough search, general consensus named HummZinger feeders as the best on the market.

They’re sturdy, easy to clean and very well designed for the purpose. I chose the HummZinger Ultra, which I found at my local Wild Bird Store for about 21 bucks. I also decided to go with store-bought nectar, rather than make my own. It took about two months for the hummingbirds to find it--or maybe for me to notice them--but this morning there were two sipping at the feeder. For more information about hummingbirds and feeders, visit hummingbirds.net.

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