Easy-to-Sew Micro-Fiber Suede Coasters

Easy-to-Sew Micro-Fiber Suede Coasters

I love micro-fiber suede. It cleans easily and it doesn’t fray, which is why it’s the perfect material for making coasters. This particular project is also a great way to play with the fancy finishing stitches on your sewing machine.

What you need:

I used a bit of leftover micro-fiber suede from a re-upholstery project, but if buying new, you’ll only need about 1/9th, or 4 inches, of a yard of fabric. (How many coasters you’ll get out of that amount depends on the width of the fabric. For comparison’s sake, a 32" x 4" section will be enough for four coasters.)

A glass to use as a template for measurement. The one I used was about 3 ½ inches in diameter.

A pencil.

Various sewing paraphernalia including thread, scissors and, of course, a sewing machine.

What you do:

First invert your glass and, using the pencil, trace a circle onto your fabric.

Cut out your circle. You’ll need two circles for each coaster.

Pin two circles together, WRONG sides together.

Select an appropriate finishing stitch on your sewing machine. I used a simple blanket stitch. Begin sewing your circles together, following the curve of your cut/circle. You might want to make a ‘practice’ coaster to play with your selected stitch, its width and your seam allowance.

When finished, trim the seam allowance close to the edge of your finishing stitch.

And you're done!

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