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Here’s Johnny; Or Saying Hello to a New Toilet

by on Nov 9, 2006

Yesterday’s post covered the removal of an old toilet. Today we’ll go over the highlights of installing a new toilet. And don’t worry; this procedure isn’t nearly as gross as the removal process.

Set the Head

Some instructions will tell you to first apply a bead of caulk or plumber’s putty around the base of the toilet. There is a good argument for using either product. Keep in mind, however, that plumber’s putty can discolor and even damage grout. So if you have a tiled floor, your best bet is to opt for caulk. If in doubt, check with a reputable hardware or plumber’s supply store.

After the caulk or plumber’s putty is applied to the base of the toilet, remove the rag from the sewer pipe. Don’t contemplate the hole, just go on to the next step. And be quick about it.

What a Wax Hole!

Place a new wax ring—available at any home improvement store or hardware store—around the nasty pipe opening.

Lift the new toilet bowl into place, letting gravity settle it over the wax ring. At this point, the black, yawning hole is just a memory. (A sigh of relief here.)

Top off the Tank

Next, lift the tank into place, lining up the tank bolts as you do so. Tighten the tank bolts to the bowl by hand. Use a screwdriver to tighten up the bolts inside the new tank. Again, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, or you could crack the china.  "A white and Clean Commode in a Toilet"                                                         

Check the level of the bowl, as the last thing you want to do is slip off while you’re doing your business. If the bowl isn’t level, you can use shims to position it into place. Next, attach the bowl to the floor with mounting bolts. Again, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Test-Run Flush

Finally, reconnect and then turn on the water supply. Take the toilet for a test drive and flush it a few times to check for leaks, because it’s better to check for leaks now rather than when you’re taking one.

 Although it sounds like we’re done, toilets don’t come with seats. So tomorrow we’ll go over that characteristic of Johnny. We’ll also discuss what’s available in the exciting world of toilets, including flushing mechanisms, style, and where to find the latest in privies.