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Top 10 Clever Uses for Fingernail Polish

by on Aug 21, 2007

10. Gauge a bucket. Buckets usually have measured lines inside them, but they’re oftentimes illegible when viewed from above. Make those inside lines visible by marking them with a brush stroke of contrasting nail polish.

9. Pre-set a shower temp. Find your favorite water temperature, turn off the water and then mark the settings by putting a bit of polish on the stationary ring of the knob/knobs so you don’t have to fiddle with it in the mornings.

8. Mark a key. Have some house keys on your ring that aren’t for your pad? Color-code your keys with polish. ‘Red for me, purple for mom….’

7. Tighten a screw. Swabbing a bit of nail polish on screw threads before inserting them will help keep screws tight. The same applies to nuts too.

6. And speaking of screws…. Apply clear polish to new toilet seat screws to keep them from rusting too quickly.

5. Fill a nick. You can use a drop of clear polish to fill little nicks in hardwood floors. A light followup with 600 grit sandpaper over the polish will tone-down the shine.

4. Hide a chip. If you have a chip in a ceramic item, brush polish over the nick for a quick camouflage. Use a matching color straight out of the bottle or mix your own custom color.

3. Prevent a rust ring. Do you have rust rings on the side of your bathtub from shave cream cans? Avoid them by applying fingernail polish to the bottoms of the metal containers.

2. Mend a window screen. If you have a small hole–say less than 1/4 inch in diameter–in your window screen, you can patch it with a bit of polish to keep the pesties at bay.

And the number 1 clever use for fingernail polish

Remove a wart. Apparently, applying a bit of nail polish to a wart will prevent it from spreading and within a week’s time the polish will even remove or greatly diminish it. Go figure.

For even more clever and odd uses of fingernail polish, check out and

‘Pink nail polish’ from Wikimedia Commons.

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