Make your own personal color fan deck.

Make your own personal color fan deck.

Paint manufacturers sell color fan decks to interior designers. The decks will generally include the entire color palette of that individual manufacturer. Making a simple personal color fan deck is a very helpful–if not imperative–in DIY decorating.

First, accumulate all the paint chip strips of all the paint colors used in your pad. If you don’t have the original colors, you can always find similar colors at your local paint store.

Then, using a Sharpie, note on the chips what color is in each room.

Next, punch holes in the corner of each strip and bind together with a bit of string, wire, or, if you want to be fancy, a metal brad.

Keep your personal palette handy, as you’ll want to refer to it when you go shopping for interior accents. For an added bonus, the addition of varying hues on the individual strips, makes tone on tone decorating a snap!

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