Kids Go Green–With The Green Family

Kids Go Green–With The Green Family

WGBH, those guys who bring us Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Roadshow, Arthur, and Curious George, among many others, have a new project in the works. It’s an ‘upbeat and optimistic’ website named Meet The Greens, and it’s all about getting kids to think ‘about the world and their place in it’. The makers hope to encourage kids ‘to make informed choices and meaningful changes’ as they pertain to the environment.

The Green family consists of Izz, her cousin Dex, Izz’s mom and dad, Grandma and ‘The Cat’. Fans of An Inconvenient Truth will feel right at home in this house. Light hearted but with a message, Meet the Greens is a clever, nice looking interactive website that certainly has the potential to be made into a television show, coming to your local PBS station in the not-so-distant future.


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