12 Other Things To Do with Cola.

With a pH level around 3, regular cola can work its sweet and acidic magic on items all over the home. Lizzie from Gomestic offers 12 new ways to use the soft drink to make your life cleaner and more fun...(and more sticky?) 

12 Other Things To Do with Cola.
  • Clean a burnt saucepan.
  • Age a photograph.
  • Lighten an intense hair dye.
  • Clean your coins.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • Make a barbecue sauce.
  • Condition your hair.
  • Rid your plants of slugs.
  • Loosen rusty bolts.
  • Clean jewelry.
  • Settle an upset stomach.
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Brian on Jul 17, 2013:

your automobile, clean the white battery corrosion off the terminal posts, just pour it over the corrosion, then tighten up the bolts to ensure good connection.

Anonymous on Mar 08, 2012:

Reduce a fever. 

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