clinQs: Reusable Drink Stickers

If beaded wineglass charms don't really suit your style...

how about reusable drink decals in a tiki or gnome theme? 

clinQs: Reusable Drink Stickers


From clinQs.com :

clinQs are reusable vinyl drink decals.  A perfect accessory to avoid a beverage mix-up.  Ideal for parties, office, gatherings, meetings, conferences, etc.    

clinQs can be used with almost any drink container, from beer cans to your finest stemware.

clinQs are reusable! After use, store the decal on the clinQs  header card, or most any surface (i. e. glass, metal, plastic, etc.).

clinQs are waterproof.  They never lose their ability to stick, just clean with soap and water to make them just like new.

clinQs work with hot and cold drinks alike. 

clinQs will I.D. your drink, help reduce party waste, and the spread of germs.

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