How to make beaded wire garland.

How to make beaded wire garland.

Garland isn’t just for holidays anymore. Here’s a very easy, fast and economical way to make custom-made decorative garland.

What I used.

24 gauge beading wire

Wire cutter

Large and small glass beads (The thing to keep in mind for this project is that the holes in your beads have to be large enough to accommodate TWO widths of your wire.)

What I did.

1. Using my wire cutter, I cut a length of wire–about 2 feet long, in this case.

2. I threaded a smaller bead on the wire, placing the bead near the left end of the wire. (I’m working left to right as I’m a righty. I expect lefties would work this right to left.)

3. Then I looped the right end of the wire through the bead, pulling the wire snugly.

4. I slipped on a larger bead on the right end of the wire....

5. and then threaded on another smaller bead.

6. I looped the right end of the wire through this bead as well (like in step 3). I pulled the wire securely as I held it as close as possible to the previous bead. If I couldn’t pull the wire tightly with my fingers, I used the plier part of my wire cutter to get a better grip on the wire.

I placed the next bead about 3 inches from the last grouping and proceeded with steps 2-6 until I reached the end of the wire. I finished up by cutting the excess wire from both ends.

What I might do differently next time.

I might use slightly finer gauge wire, as it would be a bit easier to work with; however, the 24 gauge keeps its shape nicely when you manipulate it.



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DIY Maven on Dec 09, 2007:

Hi cnine! I sort of just played around with the wire until I had it looking the way I wanted. I wound the wire around, criss-crossing it as I went. To get it from collapsing down around the votive, I bent and caught the wire at the top, if that makes any sense! Anyway, here's an annotated photo. Hope it helps!

cnine on Dec 08, 2007:

My friend and I are making these now!  We want to know how you keep the wire attached so nicely to the votive?  We are having a hard time getting ours to stay put.

DIY Maven on Aug 06, 2007:

anjelicat, glad you like the tutorial! Sounds like you have a really fun job...the ONLY kind to have ;)

anjelicat on Aug 05, 2007:

I actually work for a wedding florist/decorator and we did a reception recently where each table had several votives just like these!

They really do look beautiful, and although you can purchase them pre-made, it would definitely be more gratifying and cost-effective to make your own. Plus, as you mentioned, it's a great opportunity to tie in your color scheme!

This tutorial is great, I'll be keeping it in mind for the next time I come across some plain-looking candles!

DIY Maven on Aug 05, 2007:

I thought the same thing! Maybe using strands of them to decorate the center of the tables. Have some mirrors with candles on them, and then snake these around the candles. They'd make beautiful reflections!

A fellow Curbly member just got engaged recently, and I was telling him that I'd use the opportunity to write some wedding planning related posts. If you have any suggestions of topics, just let me know!

baconthecat on Aug 04, 2007:

Hubby and I are having a BIG wedding next year (I know we're already married, but we didn't get the chance to have an actual wedding + reception), and I think this would be a great idea for party favors! If not party favors, then decorations. I'd just have to choose beads to go with my color scheme! Anyway, we have to plan the (second) wedding first, so I'll be sure to let you know if we use these!

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