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The Body Dryer

by on Jul 31, 2007

A young lady is wearing a transparent nice cloth and showing her back.A body dryer is on the floor.

The Air Robe Luxury Body Dryer takes the public hand dryer to new heights–literally. Just mount the unit to the ceiling of your bathroom, stand under it soaking wet, use the handy remote control to adjust the dryer’s heat and power to your satisfaction and then let the resulting wind to all the work. The retailer, Ability Answers, suggests that the dryer (£ 389.00 or about 790 U.S.) is the perfect solution for those suffering from skin conditions that may make toweling off painful. However, they also note that the body dryer is more hygienic than towels and reduces moisture in the air–solving those damp bathroom issues–and doubles as a bathroom heater.