How to pick out the perfect mattress.

How to pick out the perfect mattress.

In furnishing a home, there might not be anything more frustrating than shopping of a new mattress. Just because it feels marvelous for the ten to fifteen minutes you stretched out upon it in the store doesn’t mean it’s going to feel marvelous for eight hours. And if you’re planning on sharing your bed with another human, your frustration can easily double. Maybe even triple. To help alleviate the stress of choosing a new mattress, you may want to check out The Better Sleep Council’s E.A.S.E. mattress buying method. The four step process is as follows:

1. Evaluate your options

2. Arm yourself with information

3. Shop for the right selection

4. Ensure quality care

And for information concerning critiques of individual mattresses, Consumer Reviews provides some interesting data, including a particularly beneficial May 07 update.

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