Mid-Century Modern Home - Renovate or Remodel?


Mid-Century Modern Home - Renovate or Remodel?

Did you just buy the mid-century modern home of your dreams?  If so, congratulations!

Like most modern & mid-century modern home owners, you are probably considering renovations or updates to reflect your personal style.    Before jumping right into things, we strongly encourage folks to live in their home for at least 1 year before making any major updates or changes.   In doing so, you can get a better vibe for your home and also help define the "nice to have" and "need to have" features of your new home.  Additionally, the extra time is a great opportunity to meet neighbors and tour other homes in your neighborhood & community to get ideas and inspiration for your individual project(s).

Since it's not always practical to tour other mid-century modern homes, we solicited friends, neighbors and colleagues for pictures of their Marin & San Francisco homes.      The result is a collection of pictures and ideas for remodeling a mid-century modern home.  

We hope you enjoy these pictures and would welcome contributions by other modernists!

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eichler on Dec 21, 2007:


Wonderful.   When you do your update we would love to see the pics!

Happy Holidays.

shawna on Dec 21, 2007:

This has given me a great idea on how to update the bath in my mid mod home! Thanks


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