UltraGlas Heat-Reactive Tiles

When I was 8, I begged and begged for my parent's to buy me a Hypercolor t-shirt...they refused. Now, I think I'm thankful...though they did insist on buying me a whole drawerful of Ocean Pacific OP gear, so perhaps they were just cruel and weren't operating out of aesthetics.

Anyways, these Ultrabloom Heat-Reactive Tiles are totally sweet...


UltraGlas Heat-Reactive Tiles


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Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012:

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DesigningMom on Aug 10, 2007:

Just think how much fun you could have with a shower wand?

Caya123 on Jul 19, 2007:

I take that back. Inset fish tank showers are really awesome, too.

Caya123 on Jul 19, 2007:

Most. Awesome. Shower. EVER.

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