How To Make A Butterfly Garden.

Materials:Builder's or playground sand, flat rocks, shallow dishes, local and seasonal plants

Using only the few materials listed above, follow EHow's instructions to bring butterflies to your own backyard. The emphasis lies on using local plants to bring local butterflies to your garden, emphasizing the special contributions of your little area of the world. Two years ago, I used a very similar approach to help my mom create a butterfly garden in her backyard with amazing results.


How To Make A Butterfly Garden.


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ZolaClaire on Oct 24, 2007:

I was going to do a post very similar to this.  I just released two swallowtail butterflies and watched one emerge from it's chrysalis (this is rare as it seems they always emerge during the wee hours).  So far I've raised caterpillars that I found on my parsley & pansies and have release several fritterary & black swallowtail butterflies.  I started doing this as something to show my son, but now I'm kind of hooked.  To see pics of our newly released butterflies go to http://wearethekidz.blogspot.com/

Chris Gardner on Jul 19, 2007:


Caya123 on Jul 19, 2007:

The link is broken.

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