Cat Butt Decor

WARNING: Crude material ahead.

When the topic of cat butt rears its head around here, it usually has something to do with dingle berry control. You get a whiff of something malodorous and know that Miss Kitty has a milk dud attached to her backside. Frankly, I do my best to complete the dingle berry removal process by ‘feel’, averting my gaze if possible. Considering its potential for such nastiness, we might think there could be nothing ‘cute’ about cat butt. Until now, that is. Leave it to the guys over at Perpetual Kid to elevate the feline’s fuzzy posterior into something clever, useful and, of course, hilarious.

First we have the Cloth-Cat Towel Holder ($19.99). And yes, you must use your finger proctologist-style to get your towel in the holder-hole.

Cat Butt Decor

Second, we have the Sharp-End Cat Pencil Sharpener ($14.99), which meows when used. This, I contend, gives it a very realistic quality. I mean, really, a pencil up the butt? Who wouldn’t put up a vocal protest?

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