A pretty little Moss Garden.

I believe that just about every plant is useful. A weed, for the most part, is only a plant whose usefulness has not been utilized yet. Even Kudzu makes great jelly, I hear! So, my moss garden has little weeds in it. I like to keep some there, to give contrast.


Another view.
Front and Center.
The round thing in the picture is a little cement circle, with my kids' names & handprints on it. Awwwwwww.
another view.
More Moss!
Lastly, we have the ferns. They are a little ways away. Told you ferns grow well here! In the top left corner, there is a game little peach tree that I (unwisely) planted in my shady paradise. It produces peaches every year though, so if it's happy to try, I'm happy to let it. There are little wedges of Irish Spring hanging from the branches, in an attempt to ward off the deer. This is the first time I have tried it, so we'll see if it works. Last year the deer ate all the peaches. In front of the peach tree is a weedy type plant that has grown VERY large, with big broad leaves. I have NO idea what it is, and if anyone knows, I'd be obliged if they could tell me. In the bottom, there are my lilies. Mostly Stargazers I think, but there were a lot planted there and we'll see what actually manages to fight it's way through the ferns.  
Thank you for visiting my little Moss Garden. I hope you enjoyed it! 


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Caya123 on Jul 05, 2007:

Thank you :-) It sure is calming. Its God's way of compensating me for not being able to grow things like I wanted. And hey, no planting, weeding, hoeing, watering, mulching, fertilizing, bug-eradicating, harvesting, drying, jellying, freezing, or canning!! Carefree!!! :-D

badbadivy on Jul 05, 2007:

Oooh, Caya, it's pretty! I really like it. Thanks so much for posting pictures!

Caya123 on Jul 03, 2007:

Here is a better shot of that mysterious weed, and my pathetic little peach tree:


Mysterious Weed 

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