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How to Flip a House in 90 Days: The B & B’s

by on Nov 22, 2006

If you’ve been following this post, you’ve probably guessed that we hired out very little work. We did, however, hire a few tradespeople along the way.

People, People Who Need Trades-People

Time being money, we chose to hire a sheet rocker who was able to hang 50 sheets of rock in the basement in eight hours. An impossible feat for most DIY’ers. We also hired a taper. Although we employed this fellow to get the job done fast, we also wanted it done right. Many homeowners think that taping and mudding is easy. And it is. But it’s also an art, so it’s best left to the hands of a skilled profession. Nothing makes a remodeled room look worse than a bad tape-job!

We knew we were nearly done when the carpet-installers arrived. There is nothing like the smell of new carpet. Ah! Again, carpet installation is probably best left to the professionals, so we were more than happy hiring this job out.

A basement divided by a wall frame with a fireplace on one side and laundry appliances on the other.  A fireplace with a few small plant decorations in an otherwise barren room.

 Because of the building codes in our state, we also had to hire a licensed electrician to run new wires and “OK” any electrical work did.

The Reveal: The B & B’s

For the unfinished basement, we had drawn up a plan and built the stud walls accordingly. Our sheet rocker and taper made everything look pretty. We added a mantle to the fireplace, applied a few coats of paint on the walls and trim and we were done. In the bathrooms, we chose maple in a natural finish, which matched that in the kitchen. We also replaced the toilets, installed new counter tops, faucets, mirrors and light fixtures.  In the upstairs bath we laid a porcelain tile floor and replaced the plastic shower surround with 4 inch white ceramic tiles. A fairly standard looking bathroom with light wooden cabinets.

" A bathroom under work"



Tomorrow’s Post: How to Flip a House in 90 Days: Final Flipping Notes (Including how to stay out of jail while undertaking a flip.)