Build a Modern Planter Bench

Build a Modern Planter Bench


"The bench frame and top are made of 2-by-6 decking. (We used redwood, but you could substitute cedar or pressure-treated lumber.) For a comfortable seating height, choose pots that are about 18 inches tall and wide (no wider than 19 inches for this bench). Look for thick-walled, wide-lipped pots that have been glazed (that is, hardened); avoid unfired terra-cotta. For safety, lift bench top periodically and check pots for cracks."

Click here for a complete materials list and instructions! 


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Kimberly on Jun 08, 2013:

Where can I get the instructions in building one of these. The link above just takes you to another site... Great Idea!

andee on Jul 19, 2007:

Bravo! Todd Oldham has a version of that in his Handmade Modern book, have you seen it? Really awesome piece. congrats!

DIY Maven on Jun 29, 2007:

Very cool.

Caya123 on Jun 29, 2007:

Wow, this is really clever too. LOVE IT!!

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