25 Handmade Gifts You Should Buy, Not DIY

25 Handmade Gifts That You Can BUY Instead of DIY

Whether you're crafty by nature, or prefer to buy your gifts for your friends and loved ones, this gift guide is all about the handmade gift! We've rounded up 25 of the best that can be bought but are still handmade! It's a win-win for all! 



1. A perfect present for the textiles fan! Geometric Print Linen Throw Blanket - $127 from Loft Studios on Etsy 

25 Handmade Gifts That You Can BUY Instead of DIY
Photo: BON 

2. For the friend who loves pottery and other handmade clay goods! Animal Votive Holders - $16.50 from BON 


3. A fantastic addition to a hostess' collection. Porcelain Burlap Tray in White with Gold Strip - $70 from Suite One Studio

4. A spot for photographs for special birthday & holiday cards! Mini Black Clipboard with Vintage Style Brass Clip - $13.50 from TheSalvageCo on Etsy

25 Handmade Gifts That You Can BUY Instead of DIY
Photo: Bright Box 

5. Gift on trend with this cute light box! Small light box - $125 from Bright Box 

6. For the Star Wars lover! Small Death Star Airplant Holder -$15 from AnsonDesign on Etsy 

7. A beautiful piece for someone who loves Mid-Century Modern design. MMC Plant Stand - $135 from ObjectOrientDesign on Etsy 

8.  A perfect catchall for the nightstand or entryway! Wooden Catchall - $35 from JigsawFurnishings on Etsy 

9. The perfect gift for someone who enjoys their morning coffee or tea! Minimalist Mug - $18 from NOTONKeramik on Etsy

10. For someone who loves to read at all hours of the day (or night!). Bookend Lamp - $70 by MoonLight001 on Etsy 

25 Handmade Gifts That You Can BUY Instead of DIY
Photo:  Poketo

11. A gift for someone who forgets the date. Art Every Day Mini 2017 Calendar - $12 from  Poketo 

12. A beautiful handmade butter dish! - $35 from SawyerCeramics on Etsy 

13. For the friend who pours their own! Oak Pour Over Coffee Station - $36 from Woodhadecor on Etsy 

14. The best gift for someone who loves to accessorize with pins! Golden Ghost Pin by Jordan Sondler - $10 from Valley Cruise Press 

15. I would like to state that this is a gift I'd give myself! Last Place Champion Tee - $28 from  Valley Cruise Press 

16. A concrete bowl that they can decide what to do with! From $20 from ConcreteProject on Etsy 


17.  For the wooden decor-lover. Wooden Honeycomb Shelves - $45 from  Grain & Grit on Etsy 

18. They'll know you put thought into it with this one! Single Initial Clay Necklace - $35 from JillMakes on Etsy 

19. For the popcorn-loving foodie! Gourmet popcorn and seasoning kit - $30 from dellcovespices on Etsy 

25 Handmade Gifts That You Can BUY Instead of DIY
 Photo: BrandIron on Etsy

20. Candles that smell like the woods! - $23 from BrandIron on Etsy

21. Oversized initial necklaces so she knows you thought of her! $29 from Gigglosophy on Etsy 

22. Line up the candles! Wooden Tea Lights Holder - $8 from ColoriCrafts on Etsy 

23. Geometric Hexagon Planters - $26 from ConvivialProduction on Etsy 

24. These gold-rimmed cups hold office accessories or a morning coffee! $20 from KinaCeramics on Etsy 

25. Who wouldn't want these lovely tea towels?! Stone Gray Modern Print Tea Towel - $26 from DarciTowns on Etsy 



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