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I recently had the opportunity of touring an "idea house." The property, a charming 1920's bungalow, belongs to and is maintained by a local family-owned company called Bachman's. The idea house is near their flagship store on Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis and is maintained as a landmark to celebrate the family's ancestors who lived in the home, conducting business just a few hundred feet away. Although the company is known primarily as a premier garden center, it also offers home decor items a-plenty. They  highlight them in the idea house, which is done/redecorated 3 times a year. In the spring, fall, and at Christmastime. Since this was my first time going through the house, I didn't really know what to expect, although my dental hygienist did give me the 411. "It's amazing!" Mary exclaimed through her blue paper mask. "You HAVE to go!!" I did and it was...amazing, that is. Every room was filled with inspiration, many of which were diy-able. Lucky for us, as soon as my tour group entered the house, the attendant said, "Feel free to take as many pictures as you want!"  Needless to say, I took a bunch, but I've weeded them down to 8 of the very best. Here we go... 

In this first room (a bedroom), I was taken by the used of fabric hanging behind a collection of prints. Upon closer inspection, I realized the cloth were actually table runners. Not only is this a great way to add color to a room, but it's a clever way to fill up those huge walls without having to buy huge (expensive) art. 


fall idea house art backdrop
Photo: JoAnn Moser

This next arrangement, which was located in the master bedroom, used a similar idea but with wood instead of fabric. Not only were the boards a gorgeous backdrop for art, they also served as headboard as well. The boards themselves were simply 1" thick of varying widths of pine that ran from floor to ceiling and stained in a dark walnut. 

fall idea house art/headboard
Photo: JoAnn Moser


The light fixture in the above bedroom was a rusty old wire cage/basket that was attached to the ceiling light's center acorn nut. Although I'm not a fan of exposed light bulbs, I kinda like them in this circumstance. How about you?

idea house wire basket light shade
Photo: JoAnn Moser

This sweet sitting area was located off the living room. Warm and inviting, I was taken with the pendant. Although I think it was a store-bought deal, it could be diy-ed. I love how its contemporary vibe compliments with the vintage wire idea in the previous picture. 

fall idea house sitting area
Photo: JoAnn Moser


Here's a close-up of the same fixture that was used in the kitchen. Note the dangly bits added to this arrangement. I think they were outdoor decor--something you'd hang from tree limb or shepherd's hook. Also, see that curtain peeking out in the lower left hand side? That was a hand towel folded over a board and then attached to the front of the board using thumbtacks. The board was then fixed to the window header to fashion a curtain. 

idea house wood light fixture
Photo: JoAnn Moser


One of the bedrooms in the home was featured as a craft room, and it was, hands down, my favorite on the tour. When I turned the corner and saw this HUGE string art, I gasped. Literally. No joke.  Diy-able? Of course...with a lot of planning, a lot time, and a lot of string! Stunning and rockin' the Roy G. Biv.

idea house craft room
Photo: JoAnn Moser


Usually we see these little utility carts turned into bar carts, but using one as a sewing machine table is just about the cutest thing. Now, where you put your knees when you're sewing, I'm not sure. Nor the peddle, but maybe if that center shelf were high enough.... 

fall idea house craft room
Photo: JoAnn Moser

I love how this shelf displays matting and un-famed images. And for a pop of color, dowels attached to the wall to hold spools of ribbon. A very pretty way to use your supplies as decor.

idea house craft room
Photo: JoAnn Moser


For our final picture, check out this lampshade. The fabric has been removed from the cage and replaced with yarn that was strung from the shade's top ring to bottom ring. And notice how they didn't even bother addressing the wires that curve out around its side.  They just add interest and whimsy. Love it!

idea house yarn lampshade
Photo: JoAnn Moser

Alas, all of these beautiful rooms have been redone, as the house now has undergone its Christmas makeover. Perhaps I'll make a return trip and feature those in an upcoming post as well.....????

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