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Before & After: A Living Room Set to Sell

by on Nov 14, 2016

Photo: Hive


Some of the best makeovers out there can be found in interior designers’ portfolios. But there’s another avenue to mine, and that’s portfolios of professional home stagers. Jill Ball is a home stager whose motto is “minimal design, maximum impact.” If you check out her website, Hive, you’ll see the motto come to life. Although she stages occupied homes, she also stages vacant homes as well. The first example, a living room, was one of the former, and it was absolutely lifeless before Jill applied her magic. This is what it looked like after.

Living room after
Photo: Hive


An example of a vacant property is this condo. An echoing cave before, it’s now inviting and set to sell. 

condo after
Photo: Hive

For more examples of Jill’s work, check out her portfolio here. And to see a compilations of her makeovers, which include before and after pictures, click here. 

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