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Modern Dining Room Gets a Personality Makeover

by on Oct 10, 2016

Photo: Design to Inspire


Oftentimes personality gets lost in a specific style. Be that style modern or transitional or everything in between. It seems we get so wrapped up in our Pinterest pages that we forget to instill individuality in our decor. This is a problem Kim does not have. Her dining room before* could have gone in many familiar directions, but it didn’t. Less adventurous souls might not have thought to combine a steampunk-y chandelier, a vintage radio, a Lucite bar and tulip chairs. The result is not only lovely, it’s one of a kind.

Kim's dining room after
Photo: Design to Inspire


To see more pictures and to read more about Kim’s dining room makeover, please visit Design to Inspire.

Kim's vintage radio
Photo: Design to Inspire

*Love the kitty drinking fountain!

My Dining Room Makeover [Design to Inspire]


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