Before & After: Lovely $1300 Kitchen Makeover

Susan's flip kitchen before
Photo: Living Rich on Less

Susan's experience of flipping a house was--in her words--priceless. And even though she didn't make a lot of money on the home in which this kitchen is located, she had a buyer within 5 days of putting it on the market. It's not surprising, considering the transformation  the kitchen underwent in the home. (We're assuming Susan's attention to detail and design choices are exhibited in the rest of the house as well.) Before, the kitchen was really dated and that tiled ceiling....oh, my. After an investment of $1300, which included a new stove and dish washer, this is what the kitchen looks like now:

Susan's flip kitchen after
Photo: Living Rich on Less


As for that tiled ceiling, it's still there, but with the cabinets painted white and updated lighting, it's much less obvious.

Susan's flip kitchen with tiled ceiling
Photo: Living Rich on Less

For more information and images of the kitchen makeover, visit Living Rich on Less. 

Flip House Kitchen Pics (Plus a Buyer!) [Living Rich on Less]

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Garry on Sep 29, 2016:

Wow what a great transformation for such a low cost! Really awesome job here. Thanks for sharing!

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