Before & After: IKEA FROSTA Stool Turned Bedside Table

IKEA FROSTA Stool Before
Photo: IKEA

IKEA's FROSTA Stool has become a staple item for the retailer. Why is the design so popular? Probably because they're incredibly versatile as they can work in a living room as easily as a child's bedroom; they're stackable so they can provide a bunch of extra seating on the fly without taking up any room; and, at $14.99 each, the FROSTA is super affordable. But that's only when we consider using the FROSTA as a stool. Add a lower shelf, and it elevates the little workhorse into something new. Christine shows us how to do it with a piece of wood and 4 small brackets.

IKEA FROSTA Stool During
Photo: Little House on the Corner

Not only does this hack provide extra storage area, but it also adds solidity to the FROSTA's construction. Here's what it looks like after its transformation:

IKEA FROSTA Stool After as sidetable
Photo: Little House on the Corner


To see how Christine did it, visit Little House on the Corner. (Included is a GREAT quick tip that will help in the painting process!)

FROSTA IST FÜR ALLE DA [Little House on the Corner]



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