An Unnecesarily Necessary Kitchen Makeover

Condo kitchen before
Photo: Love & Olive Oil

When a larger unit became available in their condo complex, Lindsay and Taylor couldn't pass it up. But there was only one problem: The kitchen in the new space looked very much like the kitchen in their old space. Now, many people might find the "before" in this makeover perfectly acceptable, but the couple wanted to start afresh. Plus, they were very familiar with the shortcomings of this particular kitchen design, namely small cabinets that were dwarfed by lofty ceilings, weighty black countertops and an enormous kitchen island that "was far too large for its own good." Since moving in mid-April, the kitchen has gone under a considerable transformation. Take a look:

Condo kitchen after
Photo: Love & Olive Oil

The biggest change, according to Lindsay, is the location of the sink, which occupied the gigantic island. Now it resides in front of the window in the more user-friendly "L" floor plan. Of course, another huge change is all that added cabinet space!

Condo makeover side by side
Photo: Love & Oil

For more information about the makeover, visit Love & Olive Oil. 

Final Reveal: Kitchen Renovation Before & After [Love & Olive Oil]

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Deborah Pesa on Sep 10, 2016:

Love the new layout. Looks much more functional. Still not a fan of the all white kitchen, but good job!

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