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Duda Day on Aug 17, 2017:

Absolutely STUNNING!

Reg on Dec 11, 2016:

Just bought an older home which has an upstairs similar to yours... gave me some excellent ideas which I intend to use. Was concerned about so much white but it did turn out as a good choice.

Amelia on Oct 15, 2016:

That's a great idea! I have a vintage christmas card that might be strong enough to be enlarged. Thanks for your response. i will let you know how it goes!

Amie on Oct 11, 2016:

I love your Christmas tree and typewriter art! I can't wait to try your framing idea. Really the whole room is dreamy. I believe in being original and I don't want to copy your style but I have to ask. Where do you source your art?

Lis on Sep 21, 2016:

WOW! What a makeover. Love your style and especially love that funky rounded ceiling.
Great job guys!

Peggy Helske on Sep 20, 2016:

Buying from your local hardware store a "perfect" way to support your community. Thank you for that! Love all the special details in the room. It looks fantastic! Your family and friends will truly enjoy.

Emelen on Sep 20, 2016:

This is an amazing (and very accessible) makeover. The room looks so inviting, cheery and comfortable! The only part I would alter is where the plants are by the bed. The plant on the nightstand could be knocked over if you're trying to turn on the lamp, or if you have an alarm set on the nightstand and groggily reach over to turn it off. I have done this several times before (!)

The hanging fern is gorgeous, but I would hang it elsewhere in the room so you don't risk knocking your head on it getting in and out of bed. I also say this from experience. Just my 2 cents.

Chris Gardner on Sep 16, 2016:

Hi Heather,

They're from Target! Easy. We bought in the actual store, so I don't have an online link, but they were in that big home decor special section in the middle of the store with many other lamps, some chairs, baskets, etc.


Heather on Sep 16, 2016:

Hi - Love the room!

Where did you get the bedside lamps from?

Rebecca K. on Sep 15, 2016:

I really like the bed frame and side tables. Are these available anywhere or just finds? Awesome job!

alicia on Sep 14, 2016:

It's absolute perfection! Well done, Chris!

Chris Gardner on Sep 14, 2016:

Thanks, Lidy. You are certainly welcome to come stay in it anytime. Bring the family!

HelloLidy on Sep 14, 2016:

WOW!!! Such an amazing transformation - it's seriously perfect! Well done guys....when can I move in ;)

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