Remove Varnish and Stains with no chemicals and no damage to the wood!

This new system is amazing!  The Farrow System will clean and remove most surface contaminants and unlike other types of media blasting the Farrow System leaves the underlying surface with minimal damage!

Stair Restoration

The Farrow System uses a patented combination of heated water, low pressure air, and a special environmentally safe media to clean almost any surface.  It will remove paint, tar, coatings, and many other types of surface contaminants.  The distributor for the Farrow System in the Norfolk, Virginia area is Gibson Equipment.  They has used the equipment for graffitti removal on local play grounds, coatings removal on ships, and even clean up of mortar and skid marks on brick paving.  The Graffitti removal project was a big success.  It allowed a local homeowners association to save several thousands of dollars by performing a job that they would normally have to hire specialists to complete.  The Farrow System allowed them to remove several markings from playground equipment without the use of any harmful chemicals and in much less time than it would have required using traditional methods.  There is a huge potential for the Farrow System to save money for companies in the Yacht repair industry as well.  One common problem in fiberglass hull refinishing and repair is that with normal media blasting systems the gel coat is damaged.  Wtih the Farrow System it is not!  After blasting a fiberglass hull the profile that is left is ideal for repainting or resurfacing.  The combination of minimal containment, minimal clean up, and no need for reapplying gel coat allows the ship repair companies to see tremendous savings when using the Farrow System!
Another local concrete contractor contacted Gibson Equipment Company when they had several different clean up problems.  The first of which was on the site of the new Cruise Ship Terminals in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.  There were several areas that had paint spillage and grout deposits on brick paving near the main entrance.  Normal cleaning methods were either too aggressive, causing damage to the brick, or not productive.  They found the Farrow System to be so incredible that they held on to it to take it to Florida for other jobs.  It was even used to clean rubber tire skid marks off of concrete paving that pressure washers and scrubbing could not remove!
Another possible application for the Farrow System are antique and historic restorations of wood.  Years of buildup of varnish and paint can be removed leaving the underlying wood surface completely unharmed. 
The possibilities for this system are endless and the potential for savings huge! 
For more information check out these links:
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