Rental Kitchen Gets MUCH Needed Makeover

Rental Kitchen Disaster
Photo: Creative Living

Usually around the Curbly neighborhood, we talk about renters who are itching to make improvements to their space. Well, in this case, we're talking about a landlord who was itching to make improvements to her rental property. Katie, the property's owner, was faced with a--let's face it--disaster in the kitchen  when her most recent tenants moved out. (Evidence pictured above.) A shame, really, considering what the kitchen looked like originally when Katie did her first quick kitchen re-do three years ago when she bought the property. Here's what the kitchen looked like then: 

Rental kitchen before renters trashed it
Photo: Creative Living

The after sink area, pictured below, might look very much like the original, but if you look carefully, you can see Katie installed a new tile backsplash, cemented countertop, and faucet. Now the kitchen is ready for a new renter. 

Rental kitchen after
Photo: Creative Living


Kitchen Makeover...at the rental [Creative Living Blog]


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