Before & After: Traditional Family Room Gets Dramatic Makeover


Family Room Before
Photo: Robeson Design

Designer Rebecca Robeson was up against some tricky constraints when designing her client's family room in their Spanish/Mediterranean-style Carlsbad, CA home. Those restraints came in the form of non-negotiables and included an existing red, white, and blue Persian rug, two nautical-themed art pieces, and the family dog Vesper's favorite well-loved leather chair. Oh, yeah, and the client didn't want a nautical theme. That didn't deter Rebecca. She was able to incorporate all those non-negotiables by going in a "Man's Rowing Club" direction. This is what the room looks like now:

Family Room After
Photo: Robeson Design

Watch the video below to hear Rebecca's thought process as she planned the room's new design. (She has some great tips that are relatable to any design style, plus some cost-saving ideas to keep in mind when approaching our next room remodel.) To read more details about the room, including detailed pictures, visit Robeson Design.


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