How To: Make a Paint By Numbers Cactus Pillow

Paint by Numbers Succulent Pillow
Photo: Shrimp Salad Circus

To recap--it's unauthorized succulent week here at Curbly. Monday: Cactus Watercolor. Tuesday: Gumball Machine Turned Succulent Planter. Wednesday: A Cactus Pincushion in its own DIY Geometric Planter. Today: A Paint by Numbers Succulent Pillow. To be honest, I vacillated over highlighting this project. That's because the original maker, Lindsay, used a service that provided  free access to the print, which then we'd have to pay to have printed on the pillow slipcover. But because the project is so cool, I decided to run with it. I think we could use Lindsay's very cool paint by number PDF to simply print our own image onto fabric using the old reliable freezer paper method. (Haven't heard of the freezer paper method? Click here to see how it's done.)

Paint by numbers succulent pillow process
Photo: Shrimp Salad Circus

The only thing to keep in mind when doing this is the template measures 18" x 18", so we'll either need a larger format printer, find a print shop that'll print the image onto the freezer-paper-backed fabric, or make a smaller pillow. As for the paint by number bit, that pretty much describes the process. I particularly like how Lindsay chose to do an incomplete painting, leaving some of the numbers exposed. ALSO, if you'd rather not make a pillow using the template, you could just as easily (actually, more easily) print it onto paper and make some groovy wall art. As for sewing the slipcover, that's super easy too, thanks to tutorials like this one. So, to make a long story short, click here for Lindsay's original tutorial.

Cactus DIY Paint by Numbers Pillow [Shrimp Salad Circus]


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