How To: Make a Cactus Pincushion & Geometric Planter

Cactus pincushion in geometric planter
Photo: Delia Creates

To recap--it's unauthorized succulent week here at Curbly. Monday: Cactus Watercolor. Tuesday: Gumball Machine Turned Succulent Planter. Today: A Cactus Pincushion in its own DIY Geometric Planter. Yes...it's a twofer! First, Delia made the cactus's pot using air-dry clay, which you can see by clicking here. Then, using a high-quality olive green wool felt, she started in on the cactus. The results are sweet, to be sure, but with the addition of a few pins, the cactus looks like it's blooming. Although Delia does admit that her pincushion usually looks like this (still darling):

Cactus Pincushion loaded with pins
Photo: Delia Creates

SO much better than my method of sewing pin corralling--which is an old Altoid tin. Oye. For the entire tutorial for the cactus part of the project, please visit Delia Creates. 

Geometric Cactus Pin Cushion Tutorial [Delia Creates]

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