Gift Guide: 10 DIY Father's Day Gifts Your Kids Can Make

10 Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

The best gifts are handmade gifts, especially from your kiddos. Here are 10 DIY projects that your kids can make dad this Father's Day.   


1. Lego Picture Frame Pencil Holder

Do you have a kiddo who loves Legos? They can make a fun pencil holder picture frame for dad. Find the tutorial over on Lalymom.

2.  DIY Sharpie Mug

Mom can buy or make the stencil and the kiddo can color...or the kiddo can do both. The possibilities are endless but I do love this Darth Vader mug from Made In a Day.

3. Father's Day Booklet

I actually love this gift. Imagine doing it every year and seeing how they grow up through what they write. Download this printable at Tiny Me.

4. Paracord Key Chains

My 8yr old son loves to make these. This is the perfect gift to keep dad's keys together. Check out the how to over on Instructables.

5. Father's Day Peanut Jar

This is a great last minute option for those who need it. Download the printable at Design Dining and Diapers.

6. Father's Day Coloring/Drawing Page.

Again, this is another one that could be fun to do year after year...even when they are teenagers. Download the printable at Tried and True Blog.

7. Paracord Watch Band

This is a DIY gift for older kiddos. My 8yr old could attempt this one with my help. Click here for the tutorial over on Instructables.

8. DIY Kids Shadow Photo 

Mom might need to help draw the stencil and take the photo, but this is a cool DIY photo to give to dad. Click here for the tutorial over on Crafty Gator.

9. Father's Day Notepad

This project is simple, fun, useable, and easy. Thanks Martha for sharing your genius again.

10. Kids Artwork Key Chain

Have your kids draw something simple for dad and have it made into a key chain. These key chains can be found on Etsy by Habit Nation USA.

10 DIY Father's Day Gifts Made By Kids
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