How To: Make DIY Concrete Ring Cones


concrete ring cones feature image
Photo: DIY in PDX

First, a bit of a digression just for shiggles... A few weeks ago I was at my local Goodwill and I spotted a crystal ring holder. Now, I'm not one for crystal, but there was something about this particular piece that caught my eye, even though it was in need of a good wash. I picked it up, checked the bottom, and, yowza, it sported a Waterford stamp. A quick  visit to the Google told me the exact crystal ring holder was available at Macy's (and the like) for $65. Did I buy the ring holder? Of course! What did I pay for it? $1.99. 

DIY concrete ring holders supplies
Photo: DIY in PDX

Now back to this post. DIY ring holders. Concrete. Cone-shaped. Uber-cool. And easy to make too. If you have a little Quikrete on hand (which every self-respecting DIYer should), I can pretty much guarantee you already have everything you need to make one or three. Love, love, LOVE.

For the entire tutorial, head on over to DIY in PDX.


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