How To: Make Your Own Fairy Garden Fairies

DIY Fairy Garden Fairies Supplies
Photo: Crafts Unleashed

Does this sound familiar? You're at your favorite garden center and the fairy garden supplies call to you. (They're miniatures thus making them irresistible.) As you're considering the sweet teeny tiny benches and birdbaths and such, you cast your gaze upon the namesakes of such gardens and you recoil. Why? Because--DANG--those fairies can look creepy!! Like horror movie  creepy. Which is why I'm really liking these DIY fairies, which are made out of clothespins and silk flower petals, plus a few other crafting staples. Cute, yes. Creepy, no.

DIY Fairy Garden Fairy
Photo: Crafts Unleashed


For the entire tutorial, please visit Crafts Unleashed. 

DIY Fairy Garden Fairy Blue and White
Photo: Crafts Unleashed

DIY Fairy Flower Clothespins [Crafts Unleashed]

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