Before & After: Gorgeous West Elm Bedroom Makeover

West Elm Bedroom Makeover Before
Photo: Jacqui Turk

This bedroom makeover is like the Cinderella of bedroom makeovers. You can tell by the "before" that it has all the makings of something beautiful but just needed a fairy godmother to put it over the top. The bedroom belongs to Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict, and when West Elm found out it was up for renovation, they decided to pick up the wand. And bippity-poppity-boo this is what the bedroom looks like now: 

West Elm Bedroom Makeover After
Photo: Jacqui Turk

For more pictures of the makeover and the brief that led to the design, visit Front+Main.

West Elm Bedroom Makeover After Sidetable
Photo: Jacqui Turk

Interiors Addict's Bedroom Makeover [Front+Main]

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