Roundup: 15 Best Free Fonts for your Designs

15 best free fonts for your designs

Over the years, I've managed to gather many good, free fonts that I've hoarded away in my laptop like squirrels hoard nuts. Truth be told, I've got a bit of a font addiction and I'm not ashamed to admit it - after all, they're so useful, how can I resist? 

If you want to expand your font collection, click through for some of my favourites. Trust me, whether you design a little, a lot or almost never, you'll find these come in handy regardless - and best of all, they're free!



15 best free fonts for your designs

1. Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are by far my favourites - I can't get enough of their beautiful forms and clean lines. Use these for your heading text and pair them with a pretty serif font.

Most of the fonts in the list below come with both uppercase and lowercase glyphs (Ostrich Sans is the only one that's all caps) and a couple (Montserrat and Ostrich Sans) also come with different weights.

15 best free fonts for your designs

2. Serif fonts

I love the classical elegance of serif fonts. They're not just pretty to look at though - they've also been said to improve readability, especially in long passages of print. 

Of the ones listed below, all except Vidaloka come with a variety of weights for you to choose from.

15 best free fonts for your designs

3. Handwritten, script and brush fonts

Ah, and this is the fun section - look at all those pretty script and handwritten fonts! These are the fonts to use if you've got a short heading that needs to stand out from the rest of your text.

Try to use them sparingly if you can and definitely stay away from these fonts in body copy - if you've got more than a few words strung together, they can be very hard to read!

15 best free fonts for your designs





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